Friday, December 7, 2018

Schadenfreude Dance of the Sugarpunk Fairy

An outfit at the Okinawa Winter Festival, the Sugarpunk Fairy comes in gacha and uberpack format (so you can play for a little or take it all home with you right away).  It is fitted for Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya Lara bodies- the tops will switch between the Petite chests for the Slink bodies and the V-Tech chest and regular chests with the included HUDs.  The dresses consist of 3 pieces- top, with texture change plaid side panels with 11 options with the HUD; skirt, with texture change plaid over piece, texture change ribbons, and texture change underskirt; and undies.  The rare corset changes to all 11 colours of both the corset and included undies, and be be worn with the common skirts.  The shoes texture change with HUD with 11 colours of ribbons, toe, and tongue; an optional ankle lock; and optional platform to turn from ballet dance to ballet fetish shoes.  The rare boots and slippers have all the options of the shoes in one.  The slippers REQUIRE Slink Pointe feet, as no other feet go up on pointe like that!

sugarpunk fairy

 If this set was designed for a real ballet, the corset would have a flesh toned leotard under it to prevent wardrobe malfunction, and the shoes and boots would be made out of a stretchy material that only looked satiny.

There is also a free gift at the festival, a punk nutcracker with a few texture options.

At the Okinawa Winter Festival until January 7 @ 6am SLT

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