Saturday, February 22, 2014

Collabor88 Supernova

Collabor88 this month is all about space- the theme is Supernova. It's also a prom, so I got to invite a date! I chose the lovely hyasynth Tiramisu to attend with me, and she drew fantastic constellation animals in tattoo and wall art format, and also made a great mesh raygun.  She also painted the galaxy print we both used, she in her tattoos and art, and I used it on the makeup and the galaxy colourway of the clothing and boots.  Because, you see, I ended up getting all inspired by the theme (and company!) and making a bunch of stuff!  I was a little late with some of it, eyes bigger than my stomach and all, but eventually I prevailed.

The makeup is starry eyed with either eye/both eyes, in a set of four different parts of the galaxy, on the tattoo layer.

And then there's a matching set of outfit pieces and boots.  The outfit pieces can be worn together in different ways- there's a top set, which is three pieces to be worn together or separately, the shirt jacketish type thing, an underbust, and a separate breast cover (including unrigged versions in a few sizes, so you might be able to size them to fit you a bit better than just going with Standard Sizes, as well as Lolas appliers, and some clothing layer versions as well).

spacehya's hair by Clawtooth for Collabor88, horns by TRAP
fox, our poor abused photoboy (it's like a poolboy, but less wet) in skin by Plastik, hair by Schadenfreude (marketplace only)
my hair by adoness (modded to fit under helmet), my necklace by Yummy for Collabor88, helmet by *katat0nik* for Collabor88
in a Turnip skydome
our poses by Niqotine Poses (been closed for a while, sorry!)

There's a skirt with three rings- which you can hide one or two of to make shorter (you can also hide the high waistband for easier layering with other mesh pieces).  Short pants end just below the knee to not conflict with the boots can be worn under the skirt or on their own.  And buckley platform boots with star cutouts.

All pieces are texture change with a HUD- the pack has it all in one HUD and you can mix all the colours as you so desire, but all but the pants (as those don't mix in themselves) also come with HUDs so if you pick out just two that you want to mix, you can grab the separates and use the HUDs to create your look.  All pieces (except for the boob covers- those are only sized for women- but boys, you can adjust the unrigged versions if you want) come in Standard Sizes for both men and women.

The kitty helmet I'm wearing (and won't take's been glued to my head since the 8th), and the top with the sheer stars in that last picture are from katat0nik, also at Collabor88- she missed the deadline to invite a date, so instead of making her go stag, I shared my date with her and the three of us worked on pieces that went together!  hya's hair in purple and teal is from Clawtooth by Clawtooth, also for this round of Collabor88 (her awesome spacehorns are from TRAP, but not for Collab).

All to be found at Collabor88 this month!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vestday and cuffs

Another month, another Vestday!  This time the vests are colourful leopard print in blue and green, and are accompanied by shiny starry vinyl cuffs that match the Supernova Collabor88 items.  They are texture change- hide the cut out insets for them open, or change them to any of the six colours, you can also set each one individually to the option of your choice.

clothing (by me), tats (by ~silentsparrow~), and helmet (by katat0nik) at Collabor88, hair by adoness, pose by TERHO (closed)

And, of course, the vests!

At the elephant, this Friday.
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