Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Amortentia Stockings

The Amortentias return, with white stripes this time. What can I say...I've got a thing for stripes, and sometimes I just want more socks. There are 2 packs, because I wanted to do a 12 pack again...and then ended up with more than 12. Whoops. So there's also a 6 pack of pastels.

(all shorts/skirts/dresses/undies from Schadenfreude, ~silentsparrow~, Pig, katat0nik, and Scribble- sadly most of the Scribble are no longer available; top shoes by Schadenfreude, bottom shoes by Lassitude&Ennui; poses by {TERHO} and Imperial Elegance, both currently only available on the Marketplace)

At the elephant, as always.
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