Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Fifty Linden Friday. Ever.

Fifty Linden Friday is coming to an end- this is the very last one. A number of current and previous participants in the event are giving it one last hurrah, myself included.

I have two offerings: a mesh chandelier with candles, and, of course, it wouldn't be a FLF for me without a vest!

(hair: Find Ash on him, Fashionably Dead available for FLF on her; ~silentsparrow~ Jay Gossamer dress pieces and accessories for the Puffling Present Pursuit on her; Schadenfreudde Oxford shirt and striped pants on him; unreleased skins; Schadenfreude Dollparts tats on her; MALT and Imperial Elegance poses)

A the elephant, where you can also pick up a list of all the participants. Mine will still be out for the weekend with New Years and all, but I wouldn't count on everyone following suit.

Thank you barb, for a great event! It will be missed.

After the event is over, items will be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peacock Feather Trees

A resurgence of my obsession with feathers: peacock feather trees. The come in natural green, and a selection of dyed colours:

At the elephant! They are rezzed out around his feet at Baba Yaga's and you can take home the one of your choice right off the lot, and they are also in the basement with the rest of the trees. And! They are in the Starlust Motel lobby, with a selection of other festive goods from some of the vendors of the Starlust!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rat with Wings

There is an event going on at the Alley shops at Hogwarts: Your Story, the 12 Days of Christmas. Every day, one of the alley merchants puts out something new and special and exclusive- today is my day! I had a teeeny tiny accident when playing around with my wand (see levitation, I'm, uh, not good at that either), and accidentally gave my pet rat wings. He actually kinda likes them.

(skin: Tres Blah, hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, sweater: ~silentsparrow~, eyes: Miriel (no longer available))

Transfer for sharing the flying rats, at Schadenfreude in Diagon Alley (end of the road, next to the bank!). The shops are open to the public, though much of the rest of the sim is restricted for role play.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have this thing for glass ornaments. I have boxes and boxes of them packed away, and lots and lots of birds (one year I decorated a 7 foot tall Christmas tree primarily with glass birds! I might have a slight obsession...). However, I also have an adorable cat who climbs Christmas trees, so I haven't seen any of them for years.

A few years ago, missing my pretty ornaments rather terribly, I made a bunch of ornaments. I added more this year, and did a bit of tweaking on the old ones (most notably sculpting the clips for the birds, as I finally wrapped my head around a rather clever way to get the shape I needed- so they are 3 fewer prims now). I might even be getting close to as many birds as I have packed up now!

The ornaments are all sculpt and traditional prims (flexi birdy tails)- the tailed bird clip ornaments are 3 prims each, all the rest of the ornaments are 2 prims each, including S swirl hook (I haven't used any of THOSE that I have packed away in years either. The unbreakable ornaments are all wired onto the tree with pipe cleaners, so the cats have to take them apart to get them off. Which they do).

There are 3 different ways to get them.

You can spring for the entire pack, texture change scripted with dialog and HUD, to mix and match metals and glass and feathers however you desire:

You can get transfer singles in the 3 gachas (nowhere near all the possibilities are in there, and each gacha already almost has 100 options in it...):

And you can get colour packs with a selection of ornaments by colour:

The colour packs and the uberpack also come with a mesh broken ornament. The uberpack also comes with a mesh box for storing your ornaments after the seasons.

It's all available out in the elephant! And there's more Christmasy stuff hidden away in the basement.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rainbow Amortentia Stockings

(clothing by ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude; shoes by SMERSH)

Four more seamless stripey amortentias- this time rainbows! The two from the 444444 event have been joined with two more, because what if you need a different shade of rainbow?

At the elephant, of course.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


(hair by lamb, sweater by ~silentsparrow~)

A trio of sculpted wands- each comes in 13 wood texture options (not all entirely the same 13), the Tendrils and Antediluvian can also have textures mixed (tendrils or tentacles and handle in a different wood from the base)

They, of course, do tricks- there's a spell HUD included with a number of spells.  Holding and pointing animations (lefty and righty versions included, for you southpaws).  Light, flames, lighting, bubbles, sprays of water, make tiny frogs and send fireballs shooting at people or levitate them by the ankles, and that sort of thing.  Unscripted versions are also included for when watching your scripts.  And if I add more spells later, lifetime updates are included in your purchase!

Many of the effects with light include projector support- they will work without, but when enabled, they will also cast shadows.  Light, flames, glitter, and lightning can be set to the colour of your choice, or easily triggered with a default colour.  The appearance HUD will store your size and wood settings (as well as a little bit of extra flavour text), to easily store the settings and apply to whatever type of wand you choose to set: the full spell versions, no spell versions, left and right handed, and display versions.  There is a mesh display wand box included that will adjust to fit your wand's size (so long as you define it with the HUD and do not stretch it yourself), that can also be edited to taste.

There's a book with the wand vendors that will also give you free scripts to add to change your wand into a voice activated one instead of just relying on the HUD- it does up the script time a little, as it then has to listen to everything you say looking for the keywords (like all listeners), but it can be a nice extra trigger, and the instructions are quite clear, I think you'll find.

They can be found at the elephant, and in the Schadenfreude Magical Supply shop in HYS:Diagon Alley

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(Wo)Man in the Moon

A pose prop with my sculpted moon- I've intended to do this for a while (since the moon came into being, which was...a long time before I did anything with him other than hiding enormous moons on the Starlust), and finally tweaked the poses to where I could stand them. Poses are not my thing, I'm picky, but I get frustrated with the stupid distortion very easily.

(a mix of ~silentsparrow~, Pig, and Schadenfreude underthings; ~silentsparrow~ tattoos; Clawtooth, lamb, and Schadenfreude hair; Lassitude&Ennui and Schadenfreude shoes/boots; Fashionably Dead, DenDou, and Schadenfreude skins)

7 poses with a touch dialog to choose between, and position adjustment. There's also a HUD that lets the owner pick a texture of 8 colours of moon (iridescent, white, silver, steel, black, red, blue, and purple).


At the elephant. There's one rezzed outside between the elephant and Baba Yaga's so you can play with it, since there's not really space IN the elephant!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miskatonic Neckties

Ties to match the corsets, the Miskatonic neckties feature a single one of the colourful tentacles rising up from the depths to caress (or strangle?) the wearer, as well as a reversed version. The usual deal with optional attached texture change collars applies.

(~silentsparrow~ tattoos, Miss Shippe's Studio chin tattoos, Imperial Elegance poses)

At the elephant, as always.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nephilid Lingerie

Spiderwebby underwear that goes a bit with the corsets, and a bit with the ties, and a bit with the other spidery stuff. There were sorta supposed to happen last year, but then I ran out of steam (and time...and I sort of burn out after the Halloween crazies), so they are now instead.

(hair by Clawtooth; skin by Dendou and I've got a massive emosad they closed and there won't be fun Halloween skins this year; face tats by ~silentsparrow~; eyes and nails by Schadenfreude; poses by {Just a Pose} and Luth)

At the elephant, as always.

pow! levitation

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Something Wicked Corsets

rigged corset

I rigged the sculpt underbust corsets in mesh, so there is an option for slinking around, and now, you too can break the boots first, then corset rule. I wouldn't recommend poses that are TOO ridiculous, as, you know, you are wearing a steel cage that's squeezing in your tasty organs so it will look silly, but you CAN now anyway. I love just dancing around wiggling in mine. (The mesh version will require some shape editing on your part, say goodbye to your belly fat!)

I made a bunch of new ones while I was at it; in spiderwebs, skulls, and tentacles- everything is still all HUD driven and the mesh one listens just the same as the sculpt, so you can use your old HUDs with the mesh version as well.

(skin by Fashionably Dead; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; boots by Lassitude&Ennui; shirt by Pig; pose by {TERHO})

At the elephant, of course.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jack o' Lanterns return

A couple of years back, I made some jack o' lanterns. This year, I got the overwhelming urge to add in projector lights- if you have a viewer with the v2 lighting system, turn on shadows with projectors, you can see the pumpkins cast light of their faces in front of them. (And also I finally caved to my desire to make a bunch of greyscale ones for the elephant.)

jack o' lantern

The packs are at the elephant.

The transfer ones are scattered around the sim, so you'll have to find the one you want to take it home!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Guide to Magical Creatures

I made an art book with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~. It is mesh, so it requires a mesh capable viewer. There are sample books sitting out by the vendors so you can see them in action, if they look like cylinders instead of books, you are not on a viewer that can see mesh.

(sweater by ~silentsparrow~, hair by lamb, the rest by Schadenfreude. And I had a devil of a time taking those pictures, for some reason the newest version of the official viewer doesn't like snapshots and shadows anymore on my computer.)

The book has 6 original artwork of creatures- the creatures can also be found on t-shirts by ~silentsparrow~. The pages of the book can be scrolled through, with and without an animated effect, and there are closed versions as well as open versions of the book, and you can hold it and read it (in either your left or your right hand). There are a bunch of versions in the box, with varying degrees of scriptiness, and that cost different amounts of prims in land impact (because mesh doesn't count how many prims it'll take up on your land by the number of objects it physically is!)- the most is 3, unless you stretch it too large, because with mesh, size matters too- however the example books are still only 3 prims in land impact, and they are not all that small!

The book can be found both at the elephant, and at ~silentsparrow~.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Andromeda and Widowed Ears

The Andromeda ears are chained with dangling stars, and optional sculpted moons with little man in the moon faces. They come on both Fey and Mer-Elf styles of ears, and are HUD controlled with a bunch of metal options and tintable ear tones, with updates when I add more textures.

(Fashionably Dead and Clawtooth hair; ~silentsparrow~ tunic; mostly unreleased skins/makeup; Schadenfreude eyes; poses by Luth)

(Schadenfreude [unreleased] and Tiny Bird hair; Schadenfreude Diamond Dogs makeup, unreleased skins; Schadenfreude eyes; poses by Luth and LAP)

And a bit spookier, The Widowed ears, with metal spiderwebs spanning the interior of the ear, with spiked earring backs. They also have optional spider earrings in all the colours of Natasha, plus silver.

(Uncleweb and Clawtooth hair; Nomine and unreleased Schadenfreude skins; Miss Shippe's Studio chin tattoo; Schadenfreude clothing and eyes; poses by Imperial Elegance and TERHO)

(lamb hair and boon tattoo hairbase; The Hidey Spot and Schadenfreude [unreleased] skins; Schadenfreude clothing and eyes; poses by Imperial Elegance)

As usual, at the elephant!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quartet of tattoo layers

Last night I shoved these out into the elephant. Four new tattoo layer makeups/tattoos.

The Wadjet Eye (also known as the Eye of Horus) was an Ancient Egyptian protection symbol, I'm sure you've seen it before. This eyeliner of it comes with the Wadjet Eye on both eyes, neither, or either, with the eyes without still having eyeliner and tails at the corners of the eyes, but without the rest below onto the cheeks.

Joe the EyeLioner is me being, well, silly. It's the eyeliner from Joe the Lion, and then some variations on the style.

Tattoo layer eyelashes for those who like that sort of thing (like me- I've never been able to get the hang of wearing prim lashes or not get squicked out by then not moving when you blink) in 4 styles of lashes. Light's very subtle, just natural lash accents, and then there are a few varying degrees of mascara/fake lashes. The two heaviest also come with either eye separate, for a Clockwork Orange kind of effect (or you want to enhance Darling Mr. Betty's eye!)

And a set of tintable dollparts tattoos, to turn yourself into a ball jointed doll. I love bjds in RL, so why not? There are 2 neck styles- the lower cut straight across the neck can be worn on non tattoo layer, but the one with the neck seam at the jaw does require the tattoo layer.

Also, this year's full treat bucket is out in the elephant now, for your clicking pleasure. Acha's gotten hers!

Halloween baby!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zombies and candy, who could ask for anything more?

If you've known Schadenfreude for at least a year, you know about the treat buckets. I do them every year, with a different bucket full of candy and accessories and random crap, that will give out treats to anyone who touches it. I was getting all nostalgic this year, pulling them out to look at the buckets past, preparing to make a new one, and decided to put them out _without_ candy. These don't hand out toys, but they also aren't over 100 prims, and you can actually display them without using alll the prims. They're also mod, so you can decorate them yourself, if so inclined. There is a display version, and a carrying version (the carrying version has the same hold pose stuff as the candy giver, including the "trick or treat"). These are the 3 prior years (last year was skull, 3 years ago was cat, which might be my favourite of them all, and the pumpkin was in between- it's sort of a tradition to do a pumpkin every other year, so this year's will be another one), and the somewhat more primmy and not sculpted! one from the first year, that also lights up on command, is on the steps of the elephant for the completionist.

The treat bucket for this year will be out soon, possibly even today, but I make no promises. I sort of didn't sleep much.

And a 'beater, with a blood speckled heart print, the zombie heartbeater. As with them all, ribbed for your pleasure, men's and women's versions included.

At the elephant!

October! Events! And the best month of the year!

It's October, which means it's the busiest month of the year for me. Today at noon, the Free*Style anniversary event, 4.44.444, opened. The venue is jam packed full of all sorts of people with special things for 4, 44, or 444L (and photos of our pets, and some rare vintage Toast Bard pictures).

There are 2 new things there, that can't be found anywhere else until after the end of the event. One is Amortentia stockings in rainbow stripes, because, well, I do occasionally make the random ridiculous rainbow things:

(shoes from SMERSH, skins from Fashionably Dead, shorts from Pig, poses from Imperial Elegance)

(And any American girl with a Trapper Keeper around my age will know just WHAT Frank I'm talking about there...)

And the unspooky brother to the Strigoi Mort tuxedo, Astaire has been rotting in my inventory for longer than I want to admit (I had Plans, which I never got to, and, well, I finally said "screw it"). It also comes with a black vinyl collar with a texture change Lucent bowtie, as well as Lucent and fabric black and white bowties...I can't be _too_ traditional, after all.

(fledermaus tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, chin tattoo by Miss Shippe's Studio, poses by Luth, and released and un- Schadenfreude stuff. Some day I'll finish uploading those boyskins, pain in my ass)

At 4.44.444, floating above good ol' Lloyd!

After the event, these items will be located in the elephant!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Amortentia Stockings

The Amortentias return, with white stripes this time. What can I say...I've got a thing for stripes, and sometimes I just want more socks. There are 2 packs, because I wanted to do a 12 pack again...and then ended up with more than 12. Whoops. So there's also a 6 pack of pastels.

(all shorts/skirts/dresses/undies from Schadenfreude, ~silentsparrow~, Pig, katat0nik, and Scribble- sadly most of the Scribble are no longer available; top shoes by Schadenfreude, bottom shoes by Lassitude&Ennui; poses by {TERHO} and Imperial Elegance, both currently only available on the Marketplace)

At the elephant, as always.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Animal Badges

In the same vein as those ties, hya and I got together and made some badges. She drew the cute animals (I dare you to say badger badge 5 times fast!), and I sculpted the thing to put them on. Texture change with a HUD, fit once and clicky clicky.

(I'd totally be a Ravenclaw, though I've never had bangs and only started cutting my hair as short as that lamb hair when I was a fair bit older. The sweater is from ~silentsparrow~, pose by {TERHO}, skin/eyes/shirt/tie by Schadenfreude)

Out at the elephant, of course.

(p.s. I've caved to peer pressure and am working on wands too.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

You-Know-Who Neckties

Plurk can be a great place for my random kicking in the pants, when I've intended to do something but then, whoops, forgotten, and someone reminds me. There's a new RP for a certain magic school that's coming up soon, and someone reminded me that I'd kinda sorta thought about doing ties in these colours a few times, and never quite got that far. She also stood in for my little model, which meant that I didn't stress over pictures for forever (and what to wear....that usually takes me forever for no good reason!), not wanting to inconvenience her.

(I fear I don't know where most of this came from, aside from the skin being from Curio, and the poses from {TERHO}, which closes in world TODAY- but you might recognize some of it in the flickr of uniform examples)

Thank you Juliet Dragonash, for house hopping for me!

Texture change via 2 HUDs- one does the ties themselves, one the optional attached oxford collars, so you can fit once and then clickity click. And, of course, plugs in with the rest of the tie HUDs too.

At the elephant!

(And then, later, I dressed up a bit anyway. But without the same vendor pressure. Also: Alle would SO get expelled, if they'd even let her in!)

alle would not fit in at school

And here are some girls up to no good!

Slytherin girls

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ozimals Summer Carnival

There's a carnival going on right now put on by Ozimals. There are games and rides and prizes and a big top! The games are quite fun, though I so can't guess my weight, at ALL.

And there are some new things out there. Some from me!

(hair by lamb; pose probably by {TERHO}, which is closing its in world store the 5th, so hustle for some awesome poses on sale!)

Cameo jewelry with silhouetted circus acts. The cameos change with a HUD, and all my cameo jewelry with a HUD interlocks now, so you can change any with any of the HUDs (if you have older ears or the Electro-cute set, use your updater!)

(hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth; necklace you can't really see is the matching Chapiteau locket from ~silentsparrow~)

More cameos- these are a collab with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~, featuring her Chapiteau cameo art. Simple earrings, but the HUD can change all my other cameo jewelry for making anything into jewelry to match your ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau finery.

(hair by Clawtooth and Schadenfreude; clothing by ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude; poses by PDA [now closed])

And glam glittery eye star facepaint- you can try your luck with the gacha for a star (they come in singles, left or right eye), or for the extra glam, you can grab the entire pack in copy, instead. Because I want to make you all into members of KISS and/or Jem.

Schadenfreude wants YOU
(I'm totally blaming this silliness above on Amyla. And maybe a bit on Claire. And it's a mix of ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude)

Once the event is over, all items will be located at the elephant.
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