Monday, October 19, 2009

Jack o' Lanterns

A couple of years ago, I made jack o' lanterns in SL. They lit up with flicker units (they emit light...which flickers in intensity, as candles do), and they used traditional prims. I am still rather fond of them, and there are still a few clustered around one leg of the elephant.

However, this year, I played with sculpting. I swore a lot, because, as I have a tendency to do, I wanted to do something that wasn't reeeeally suited to the way SL works currently, and I had to struggle a little with finding ways to unbreak the things that SL breaks.

They come in two different versions, a low prim (only weighing in at one prim each), and a "deluxe" 3 prim version. Most of the pictures are of the 3 prim, but here's a low prim, in the wacky blue:

silentsparrow birdhouse

Both styles have the same selection of 6 faces, and 6 colours (2 shades of orange, orange tinged with green, white, jarrahdale grey-blue, and bright unnatural blue for fun above). The single prim pumpkins are always lit, bright yellow light peering out of carved holes, bright and flickering.

The three prim versions are a bit more complicated. For starters, the 3 prim construction allows for actually hollow pumpkins, you can look through the inset carved holes to see the interior of the pumpkin and candle within. The owner can also choose settings for the pumpkin on touch- you can extinguish the candle, leaving the pumpkin dark, with a black wicked candle, or you can light it, with the candle aflame. You can also choose lighting settings, which will remember their settings until the pumpkin is rerezed, or changes owners- the interior can softly glow, the exterior can be set to full bright or be effected by regular lighting, and you can either leave the flicker unit on or have them steadily emit non flickering light. I fear my gimpy computer refuses to show you the glow on the lit pumpkins, as apparently, even though SOMETIMES I can use shaders, right now I'm locked out because SL is "helpful" and locks out hardware it doesn't think should have things.

The pumpkins are currently arrayed all over the mountain upon which the elephant stands, you can choose the most sincere pumpkin to take home with you directly off the lot. Fatpacks that include copiable pumpkins in both styles, packaged in sets of 2 colours, are also available.

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Bella Baroque said...

these are adorable! i gotta pick some up soon :D

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