Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strigoi Viu

Like Striga, Strigoi Viu is a year overdue. It was originally some extra pieces for Strigoi Mort, before both sides of the equation ballooned...a lot. Mort gained black and white tie and all the accoutrements due to a tuxedo, and was quite bloated all by itself, and so the frock coat and assorted other pieces were set aside to be their own set.

(skin: Den-Dou Scarface(B); hair: Schadenfreude Thom; eyes: retired Miriel Silver Screen eyes; shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum)

Strigoi Viu, the living vampire, is a mourning (har har) suit, with a generously tailed frock coat with pointed sculpted cuffs, bat brocaded waistcoat, top hat and cravat upon which bats have alighted, black pants with bat pocket detailing on the back, and a plain black shirt with starched sculpted collar. It's less formal "day" wear than the fully formal Mort, and I felt a tad spooky Jack the Ripper-esque while wearing it.

You can find it out in the elephant, who's getting rather cramped lately.

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