Friday, October 2, 2009

50 Linden Friday: Ghostbat Beater

(Smudged Orpheus and Langwidere skins; those unreleased pants I wear a bit on him, gutter glitter skirt on her; Lazy Places Liir hair on him, BP* Okappa hair on her; Illusions awesome bat wings on him, the white extrabonustexture Lucent batwings on her; retired Miriel eyes on both)

This week my 50 Linden Friday contribution is a ribbed tank with a blue-grey bat with red eyes. Because it's October, and yay bats! (He's sort of the grown up cousin to the Electro-Cute bat.)

You can pick this up at the elephant, as well as the list of everyone involved this week- as always, there's a lot of awesome deals to be had!

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