Monday, October 19, 2009

Deader than You Tour

(image lovingly stolen from hyasynth because she had it on webspace I could leech off of)

I'm a part of the Deader than You Tour, going on right now. You can buy bat tokens in any of the marked items from participating shops (I've got a lot hidden that aren't marked too >.< All fatpacks with the exception of the skins because rewriting the vendors would make me cry, should have tokens- as well as all the single things around that do, most of which I did put bats out at!)

Once you've got your grubby little paws on bat tokens, you can turn them in for fabulous prizes from any of the participants. You have until Halloween to turn your tokens in, the tour ends the 31st!

I've got 4 prizes out so far. The possibility exists I may add a couple more, time and SL willing:

There's a TP board at the elephant for easy hopping from place to place!

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