Monday, October 19, 2009

Batkinis- yes, bikinis with bats on them

I'm mildly bat obsessed. You see, my totem animal is the bat, for various reasons (not Allegory's though, she's an alligator). Also, bats are really fun to draw in a variety of ways. I'm also seasonally inappropriate, pretty much always, but on and off it's still been swimming weather for me.

You can only get the pumpkin batkini through the Deader than You tour- but you can get batkinis regularly in a bunch of other colours as well (p.s. they come with tokens, too).

But anyway- bikinis with bats on them! Bits of colour peek out from underneath black bat wings. Sculpted string ties at the neck and back, and either hip.

(Lazy Places tentacle lip ring on all the girls of the fatpack ♥; hair: Schadenfreude Tish, Jinx, BP* okappa, Schadenfreude Thom, Augustine, Cinder, Clawtooth by Clawtooth special edition of Electric Slide; all skins Schadenfreude Alabaster Lanwidered Smudged Black)

The batkinis are out on the floor in the elephant, for your spooky skinny dipping in the moonlight pleasure.

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