Friday, October 30, 2009

Strigoi Oxford, and Strix Corsets

A little for the boys, a little for the girls, and obviously I'll only be making things with bats on them until the day I die.

The Strigoi Oxford is a special edition Oxford with silver bat buttons. It's a little lighter than Noir, but darker than Charcoal, because 30 colours wasn't enough!

(on him: &Bean Closer Smiley skin; Schadenfreude Thom hair, Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes
on her: Den-Dou Vampire Mona skin; Tiny Bird Autumn Leaves hair; Schadenfreude Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes)

The Strix corsets have made a reappearance, because nothing says "I'm a spooky vampire" like an acid green bat corset. Separates in colours to match the Morois and Striges skirts:

(Schadenfreude Veronique hair, Lucent Batwings, Striges skirts and Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes; unreleased Jerry's Flight collar that I might get to eventually; mask that may or may not ever be available, but it's my Halloween costume, dammit)

All at the elephant.


Quad Cowgirl said...

are you selling these corsets?

Allegory Malaprop said...

Yes- but they may not be what you think they are! This entire blog is devoted to a 3D online world called Second Life- these corsets are to be worn by avatars in this world, and do not exist in the fleshy world.

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