Friday, October 30, 2009

Strigoi Oxford, and Strix Corsets

A little for the boys, a little for the girls, and obviously I'll only be making things with bats on them until the day I die.

The Strigoi Oxford is a special edition Oxford with silver bat buttons. It's a little lighter than Noir, but darker than Charcoal, because 30 colours wasn't enough!

(on him: &Bean Closer Smiley skin; Schadenfreude Thom hair, Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes
on her: Den-Dou Vampire Mona skin; Tiny Bird Autumn Leaves hair; Schadenfreude Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes)

The Strix corsets have made a reappearance, because nothing says "I'm a spooky vampire" like an acid green bat corset. Separates in colours to match the Morois and Striges skirts:

(Schadenfreude Veronique hair, Lucent Batwings, Striges skirts and Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes; unreleased Jerry's Flight collar that I might get to eventually; mask that may or may not ever be available, but it's my Halloween costume, dammit)

All at the elephant.


QuadCowgirl said...

are you selling these corsets?

Allegory Malaprop said...

Yes- but they may not be what you think they are! This entire blog is devoted to a 3D online world called Second Life- these corsets are to be worn by avatars in this world, and do not exist in the fleshy world.

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