Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am a part of the Rezzable's Crimson Shadow show, alongside an amazing selection of other designers.

The pre party was today, the show itself is tomorrow at 2pm, I hope to see you there (ok, so _I_ may not even be there, I'm not sure yet!)- there are a bunch of really neat new designs!

My contribution is Strix, bat elements for a vampire stronghold:

There's a lot darkly romantic and seductive about the vampire. Imagine being a creature that lives forever, completely unfettered by the rules of society that keep us in check. In fact, not only do you not have to follow them, you are required, by your basic needs, to break them. You can't really care about people, truly see them as companionship, because you exist as a predator- a step higher than them in the food chain. It's a role that forces you into being a bit of a sociopath, the inability to really _care_ about how your actions impact on other people, simply as a survival mechanism.

On the other hand, you do live alongside them to a degree as one of them- so you have to put on a show of being "human", also as a survival mechanism.

You know, this really sounds a hell of a lot like my first boyfriend.

There's also a lot tragically romantic (which, well, doesn't sound like him at all) to a being that exists just outside of society, who lives forever but can't really truly touch humanity- and to have once been human, so the memory there taunts of all the things you can't have.

But, on the other hand, you're young and sexy forever, and spend your nights bringing home the cutest thing in the bar. So never seeing another sunset or being able to work a day job is not really all that bad.

(Hair: Darkchyld by Old Gravy, find them in Retrology)

Strix comes with a bat corset and matching panties, a shrug that can be worn with or without gloves extending them or the gloves alone, hotpants with a bat zipper pull that also serve for preserving your dignity with the short skirts, a garter belt with silver bat clasps, batwinged stockings, pasties shaped like little bats, capes in 2 lengths, 2 sets of wings, long glitchpants for under the ballgown skirt, the ballgown skirt scripted to adjust for sitting, 6 shorter skirts, and a heavy dose of insanity, although I think that last part is just for me.

Only available at Crimson Shadow Rezzable until November 9th.


Terry Toland said...
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Terry Toland said...

Ok, it would help if blogger let me post the link properly. @_@ Oh well...


Allegory Malaprop said...

Ooooo, awesome! Thank you!

Terry Toland said...

But of course. :D Thank you for participating and giving us the opportunity to bewitch others in your fine clothes! <3

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