Friday, October 31, 2008

Strigoi Mort

A companion to Strix, Strigoi Mort is more bat themed formalwear, this time a tuxedo for the boys (or deliciously crossdressing girls). It's got...a lot of options, because I'm insane and need to be stopped. There are a number of bowtie options, there are 2 different bat ties (one more bowtie-y with flexi alphas, one with sculpt batwings) scripted to colour change white and black, and 2 skull ties in just white (since, after all, for the most formal occasions, it's white tie!), as well as the tophat also having batty bits that can be black or white. Vests and shirts (with sculpt collars and cuffs) and gloves in black or white, again so you can go uber formal if the occasion calls for it, or do some mixing for contrast. The trousers have the traditional stripe down the side in the lighter trim of the lapels, echoing the overskirt of the ballgown for Strix. 2 different tails options as well, scalloped bat wing edging, or non alpha and super pointy, and 2 different jacket cuff options. look in the contents, and there's a lot of stuff. And that's not counting all the stuff I packed up because it was maybe less useful.

Out in, you guessed it, the elephant

(Eyes as always by Miriel, Hair is Faris by Philotic Energy, skin is Alabaster Boris Black Stache Half Chop Upper Chop Lower)

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