Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scary, a very godmotherly collaboration

scary costume ~silentsparrow~ AND Schadenfreude <3

A collaboration between ~silentsparrow~, Calico Ingmann (who as always with ~silentsparrow~ costumes, made perfect hair), and myself, Scary is our homage to a particular resident of the Fright Side.

One of my parts was the hat, and I made a bunch more textures for it (brim and crown change independently, so you can mix and match). And an optional spider (there's a no spider version for those who don't like spiders, but he's cute! And he can be candy striped!)

Scary, the set and the hat, are out at the elephant. You'll have to venture over to silent sparrow or Calico Kitty for the marvelous Jill hair though!

Items in this post blogged for other looks:
Scary outfit, at Pretty-pretty dress-up
Scary outfit, at Achariya

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