Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magic of Oz hunt! Moonage Daydream Emerald

You might have heard, there's a hunt going on. The Magic of Oz sim is having a silver slipper hunt for their anniversary. It's like the previous hunts: you have to find silver slippers randomly spawned around the sim, and click them for something to wear to get your prizes, each slipper is only good for a particular place, and after you get the hat, you have to find that shop to get the prizes. There are lots of other events and things happening for the anniversary too.

I've had a little spot up in the Witch's Castle area (spooooky village!) since it first opened, so of course I just had to do something for it. Moonage Daydream skins, in a green and gold, in two tones, for boys and girls.

copper emerald moonage

cameo orpheus emerald moonage

cameo langwidere emerald moonage

The boyskin also comes in the Copper above, I just ran out of steam photoing with all the other stuff going on, and that should be enough to give you an idea anyway! And I also forgot which tones were in the hunt, whoops- it actually a yet lighter skin for the light one than the one shown >.< With the skins I'm also wearing some of the other fantastic prizes: the jewelry from Balderdash, the dress from katat0nik, and assorted pieces of the prize from ~silentsparrow~ (which has grasshoppers because of me. I learned to read from the Oz books, and in Ozma of Oz, Ozma is turned into an emerald grasshopper by the Nome King).

Now, one might wonder why Moonage Daydream didn't come in green in the first place. The reason is that Allegory is more of a Joe the Lion girl, and I didn't think she'd get a whole lot of wear out of it (and I'm constantly having to talk myself out of colours, because you may have noticed I have a teeny tiny problem with doing too many...often. And it would be even worse even with the ones with 30 if I didn't already cut some!), but then the Oz hunt came up as I was packing everything up for release and I said oh hey, why not, I could play with a green then and if I wasn't super wild about it it wouldn't really matter.

And then, of course, I actually really liked how it came out.

So, after the hunt is over (at some point, since, erm, I'm kinda extra busy right now >.<), the rest will be out with the rest of the Moonages.

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