Thursday, October 22, 2009

50L Fridays: Electro-spooks

Schadenfreude is in 50L Fridays this week, with 2 offerings:

also set out tonight is also a set of tank tops with the Electro-spooks, that's more just for the girls:

Plus, all three Electro-spooks are also in cameos- they've been snuck into the Electro-cute jewelry fatpack, along with earrings and necklaces with skulls that also work with the HUD (so all bits, including the bracelets and hairbows and all, can be changed to any of the 12). If you have the Electro-cute set already, wear your updater balloons to magically get the new pack with everything!

Hop on over to the elephant to grab a notecard with all the participants this week! (Because I'm too lazy to list them. But they are good.)

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