Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zombies and candy, who could ask for anything more?

If you've known Schadenfreude for at least a year, you know about the treat buckets. I do them every year, with a different bucket full of candy and accessories and random crap, that will give out treats to anyone who touches it. I was getting all nostalgic this year, pulling them out to look at the buckets past, preparing to make a new one, and decided to put them out _without_ candy. These don't hand out toys, but they also aren't over 100 prims, and you can actually display them without using alll the prims. They're also mod, so you can decorate them yourself, if so inclined. There is a display version, and a carrying version (the carrying version has the same hold pose stuff as the candy giver, including the "trick or treat"). These are the 3 prior years (last year was skull, 3 years ago was cat, which might be my favourite of them all, and the pumpkin was in between- it's sort of a tradition to do a pumpkin every other year, so this year's will be another one), and the somewhat more primmy and not sculpted! one from the first year, that also lights up on command, is on the steps of the elephant for the completionist.

The treat bucket for this year will be out soon, possibly even today, but I make no promises. I sort of didn't sleep much.

And a 'beater, with a blood speckled heart print, the zombie heartbeater. As with them all, ribbed for your pleasure, men's and women's versions included.

At the elephant!

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