Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quartet of tattoo layers

Last night I shoved these out into the elephant. Four new tattoo layer makeups/tattoos.

The Wadjet Eye (also known as the Eye of Horus) was an Ancient Egyptian protection symbol, I'm sure you've seen it before. This eyeliner of it comes with the Wadjet Eye on both eyes, neither, or either, with the eyes without still having eyeliner and tails at the corners of the eyes, but without the rest below onto the cheeks.

Joe the EyeLioner is me being, well, silly. It's the eyeliner from Joe the Lion, and then some variations on the style.

Tattoo layer eyelashes for those who like that sort of thing (like me- I've never been able to get the hang of wearing prim lashes or not get squicked out by then not moving when you blink) in 4 styles of lashes. Light's very subtle, just natural lash accents, and then there are a few varying degrees of mascara/fake lashes. The two heaviest also come with either eye separate, for a Clockwork Orange kind of effect (or you want to enhance Darling Mr. Betty's eye!)

And a set of tintable dollparts tattoos, to turn yourself into a ball jointed doll. I love bjds in RL, so why not? There are 2 neck styles- the lower cut straight across the neck can be worn on non tattoo layer, but the one with the neck seam at the jaw does require the tattoo layer.

Also, this year's full treat bucket is out in the elephant now, for your clicking pleasure. Acha's gotten hers!

Halloween baby!

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