Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Guide to Magical Creatures

I made an art book with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~. It is mesh, so it requires a mesh capable viewer. There are sample books sitting out by the vendors so you can see them in action, if they look like cylinders instead of books, you are not on a viewer that can see mesh.

(sweater by ~silentsparrow~, hair by lamb, the rest by Schadenfreude. And I had a devil of a time taking those pictures, for some reason the newest version of the official viewer doesn't like snapshots and shadows anymore on my computer.)

The book has 6 original artwork of creatures- the creatures can also be found on t-shirts by ~silentsparrow~. The pages of the book can be scrolled through, with and without an animated effect, and there are closed versions as well as open versions of the book, and you can hold it and read it (in either your left or your right hand). There are a bunch of versions in the box, with varying degrees of scriptiness, and that cost different amounts of prims in land impact (because mesh doesn't count how many prims it'll take up on your land by the number of objects it physically is!)- the most is 3, unless you stretch it too large, because with mesh, size matters too- however the example books are still only 3 prims in land impact, and they are not all that small!

The book can be found both at the elephant, and at ~silentsparrow~.

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