Thursday, October 13, 2011

Something Wicked Corsets

rigged corset

I rigged the sculpt underbust corsets in mesh, so there is an option for slinking around, and now, you too can break the boots first, then corset rule. I wouldn't recommend poses that are TOO ridiculous, as, you know, you are wearing a steel cage that's squeezing in your tasty organs so it will look silly, but you CAN now anyway. I love just dancing around wiggling in mine. (The mesh version will require some shape editing on your part, say goodbye to your belly fat!)

I made a bunch of new ones while I was at it; in spiderwebs, skulls, and tentacles- everything is still all HUD driven and the mesh one listens just the same as the sculpt, so you can use your old HUDs with the mesh version as well.

(skin by Fashionably Dead; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; boots by Lassitude&Ennui; shirt by Pig; pose by {TERHO})

At the elephant, of course.


Akasha Sternberg said...

ich frag mich ja wieviel Einfluss von Wednesday 13´s song da so drinsteckt...besonders wenn ich auf das blogdatum und das releasedatum des letzten Albums schau....hmmmm ;)

Allegory Malaprop said...

Complete and utter coincidence, actually! Aside from the fact that 13 is a very good number ;) (Though even then, it just happened to be the day I remembered to blog >.<)

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