Saturday, October 22, 2011


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A trio of sculpted wands- each comes in 13 wood texture options (not all entirely the same 13), the Tendrils and Antediluvian can also have textures mixed (tendrils or tentacles and handle in a different wood from the base)

They, of course, do tricks- there's a spell HUD included with a number of spells.  Holding and pointing animations (lefty and righty versions included, for you southpaws).  Light, flames, lighting, bubbles, sprays of water, make tiny frogs and send fireballs shooting at people or levitate them by the ankles, and that sort of thing.  Unscripted versions are also included for when watching your scripts.  And if I add more spells later, lifetime updates are included in your purchase!

Many of the effects with light include projector support- they will work without, but when enabled, they will also cast shadows.  Light, flames, glitter, and lightning can be set to the colour of your choice, or easily triggered with a default colour.  The appearance HUD will store your size and wood settings (as well as a little bit of extra flavour text), to easily store the settings and apply to whatever type of wand you choose to set: the full spell versions, no spell versions, left and right handed, and display versions.  There is a mesh display wand box included that will adjust to fit your wand's size (so long as you define it with the HUD and do not stretch it yourself), that can also be edited to taste.

as a sixth year

There's a book with the wand vendors that will also give you free scripts to add to change your wand into a voice activated one instead of just relying on the HUD- it does up the script time a little, as it then has to listen to everything you say looking for the keywords (like all listeners), but it can be a nice extra trigger, and the instructions are quite clear, I think you'll find.

They can be found at the elephant, and in the Schadenfreude Magical Supply shop in HYS:Diagon Alley

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