Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Fifty Linden Friday. Ever.

Fifty Linden Friday is coming to an end- this is the very last one. A number of current and previous participants in the event are giving it one last hurrah, myself included.

I have two offerings: a mesh chandelier with candles, and, of course, it wouldn't be a FLF for me without a vest!

(hair: Find Ash on him, Fashionably Dead available for FLF on her; ~silentsparrow~ Jay Gossamer dress pieces and accessories for the Puffling Present Pursuit on her; Schadenfreudde Oxford shirt and striped pants on him; unreleased skins; Schadenfreude Dollparts tats on her; MALT and Imperial Elegance poses)

A the elephant, where you can also pick up a list of all the participants. Mine will still be out for the weekend with New Years and all, but I wouldn't count on everyone following suit.

Thank you barb, for a great event! It will be missed.

After the event is over, items will be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

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