Saturday, October 27, 2018

Schadenfreude Treat Bucket!

This year's treat bucket lives!  Every year I give away a treat bucket full of candy and weird toys (we're talking full flexi flippity floppity witch hat and other similarly ridiculous things).  This year, it's a candy cauldron, because my general theme has been witchy!  The regular plain treat bucket is free for all, waiting for you to touch the empty treat bucket on the dresser in the elephant.

You are looking for EMPTY buckets- the ones you get will be full of candy like these!


The last few years, I've made some alternates for groups- and that's happening again this year.

You are looking for EMPTY buckets- the ones you get will be full of candy like these!

For Schadenfreude Enterprise groupies, you can also get one with overflowing green goop- wear your tag, after you get your treat bucket on the dresser, go up the steps into the elephant's head and sit on the mini elephant to get to the sekrit group room, where it will be waiting.

For I <3 The Starlust groupies (that's a free group to join!), you can get one with purple goop- leave the elephant and walk towards the middle of the sim to the trailer, where it waits for people with that group tag.

hya's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds get blue goop- somewhere inside her house, there is a bucket waiting for you. (It's in plain sight, not hidden inside of any cabinets or anything).

If you head on over to *katat0nik*'s sim, her groupies get pink goop! You'll have to jump out of her store onto the ground, as she's still using a temp sky build. The treat bucket is somewhere outside, on the ground. A hint: I like dotting the grassy stars. Not a good hint- there are a lot of stars. (I'm not a hard ass on the hunting for these, area search will make it easy if you need it!)

And at the Arcanum Maze of Madness- if you find your way to the end, you can get orange goop, no group required!

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