Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Schadenfreude Nebthet Ankh Choker

Fallen Gods is another year older!  And like last year, a bundle of people have been invited to celebrate.  There will be activities and hunts, and there's a market on the roof, that I am a part of.

My god this year is Nebthet, more often known by the Greek form Nephthys, Lady of the Temple, Excellent and Useful Goddess.  Fallen and misremembered as are all the ancient Egyptian gods, having outlived their congregation, but even more so for her- a translation error having relegated her to the position of housewife, when she is remembered at all.  Her three siblings still retain some fame, but she has been all but forgotten.  She is the goddess of the death experience, as her sister Isis is of birth; sister and wife of Set, co-ruler in his benevolent aspect as protector of Ra and killer of the chaos serpent Apep before his demonization as a god of evil; joining Isis in the gathering and reassembly of the body of her brother Osiris after his dismemberment at the hands of her brother-husband.  As a goddess of death, she is associated with the ankh, the symbol of life.

nebthet ankh choker

The choker is rigged for male and female bodies- it sits at the neck seam between mesh bodies and heads, so it will fit most mesh bodies and heads (with neck fix turned off) as well as System.  There are 2 versions included, one with the ankh and strings flared out a lil bit- those are more appropriate for most System bodies, as System necks are WEIRD and stick out all funny.  There are also unrigged versions included if you need to do more tweaking on position/size (and if you have a very wide neck, the stretching on the rigged version might be a little too much, especially with the way male necks stretch, so you might want to wear the unrigged instead- attached to Neck, it will still move with you through most poses just fine).  Texture change, as I do- 5 metals (silver/gold/rose gold/copper/blackened gunmetal) and 24 strings (white/silver/black/some blues/red/orange/yellow/gold/copper/some greens/some pinks/some purples/some browns/etc.)

At the Fallen Gods Anniversary event this month of October!

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