Saturday, October 6, 2018

Schadenfreude Witch of the Forest Hats and Masks of the Death

The Arcade is having a special October round for the Halloween season!  I have two gachas at it, side by side.

The Witch of the Forest Hats are scrunched witch hats, grown over and decorated with bits of home.

witch of the forest hat key

Exclusively at this October round of The Arcade, on your 25th play of the machine, you will also get a special copy/no trans undecorated witch hat, with a texture change HUD of 15 options (the colours seen in the decorated hats, plus a tealish, pink, and a darker grey).

forest witch hat reward

And the second machine features skull masks, for finishing off your costume- or rezzing as decor, each is 1 Land Impact at wearing size.

mask of the death key

At The Arcade this October!

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