Saturday, September 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Chipmunks!

Little autumn chipmunks for The Arcade, most are 1 land impact.  The Tea Party is 2 land impact as it is made of 3 separate objects (each 1 LI on their own) linked together- you can unlink them so those chipmunks can hang out other places than on that stump.  The Bowls of Peanuts are also 2 land impact, as they are 2 separate objects (chipmunk and bowl), each individually scripted so the texture change functions work even when not connected (as do the Tea Party chipmunks).

All chipmunks are scripted with texture change options- Natural chipmunks include 2 shades of brown and a white albino, Fantasy include Bones!, a spacey Cosmos, and pink- rares include all 6 fur options for those chipmunks.   Many of the accessories they come with also have texture options to choose from as you desire. The bowls for the bowls of peanuts match the dishes for a previous Arcade set, Autumn Bounty.

chipmunk key

Exclusively at this September round of The Arcade, on your 25th play of the machine, you will also get a special copy/no trans bowl of acorns, which also matches the Autumn Bounty set. It has the 6 acorn options that the acorn the chipmunk holds can be turned to.

chipmunk reward

At The Arcade this September!

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