Thursday, July 10, 2014

WildThing Satchels

being a weirdass for collab

This round of Collabor88 is "safari" with a bunch of browns (I'm not into brown, sorry.  I've tried, it's just not my thing).  I had a bunch of competing ideas ( always) but this won out- well, I just wanted to do it because it was more FUN.  Though I'm laughing a little bit about all the "obvious" ideas that I avoided expecting multiple people to do them...and no one did!

(on Zebra: hair and mask by Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88, dress by katat0nik, jewelry by lassitude&ennui, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, stockings by Schadenfreude, pose by !bang
on Tiger: mask by Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88, hair by Milk, shirt by C'est la vie!, skirt by ISON, necklace by adoness, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, tights by Atomic, pose by PURPLE POSES for Collabor88
curtain by Relic [closed], chairs by Trompe Loeil for Collabor88, deer skull and painting by Scribble [closed], suitcase with books by vespertine, steer skull by TESLA [free amazing gift even!], boxes by barnesworth anubis, table and lamp by Schadenfreude [not currently available])

Anyway.  Bags!  Stuffed animals fashioned after big cats, made of hand dyed fake fur to bring out the character of the inspiration.  There are three: a golden leopard, an orange tiger, and a black panther.

The bags are rigged with fitted mesh, in versions to fit the male and female base avatars (the boob slider works impressively well!), and there are also two modify enabled unrigged versions for more adjustment.

(wall hanging and map with binnoculars (and compass) from floorplan&theosophy, mirror from tarte., mask from Nylon Outfitters, chair and trunk table from Trompe Loeil, table and lamp and bag from Schadenfreude)

At Collabor88 this month!

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