Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to The Arcade

Another round of The Arcade is upon us!  All this month, Archie has again opened up his seaside arcade full of gacha machines of all sorts of wonderful things for you to win.  I made pigs!

piggie wiggies

All common Piggie Wiggies can be worn, and they will follow you around, running on their chubby little legs to keep up when you walk around (they won't fly with you though!  Because pigs don't fly....YET.  I failed in my attempts to teach these piggies to fly, but I have some more pigs who are still trying to learn, who you may see at a future round!  Yes...there were originally more pigs, but I was running into problems figuring out the scripting, so a bunch of them will wait until later...and this is really enough pigs for one machine anyway!), and stand around with you when you are standing around, because they love you.  You can also rez them, and choose how they act- they can stand around still in your choice of 7 poses, they can stand around and fidget a little bit, and they can wander around in a radius you set.  Touch to set Home, and the radius, and they will wander around randomly in their chosen area.  I'm kinda super proud of myself for FINALLY figuring out how to script the movement- I've been putting it off for years, finding other workarounds so I didn't have to do it, so even if I didn't crack flying yet, I'm calling it a win.

Technical notes: animated mesh glitches sometimes, and it's really annoying.  It happens to all of it (even sometimes when it's not animated!), and I've minimized it as much as possible, but if you have problems with your piggie glitching out and disappearing, choose Wander (Still) for walking instead, and he will still move around but his little legs won't run back and forth, he'll glide.  This is mostly provided as an extra paranoid possibility, as they aren't disappearing for me anymore, but since it's not a consistent issue and depends on a bunch of factors, I included this just in case!


Rosa Piggie Wiggie has the same Rosa pattern drawn by hyasynth Tiramisu that you can find on some of the other stuffed critters from both of us.  (Click through that picture for details on each one.)

This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to Market is a rare little piggie in a shopping bag, as he returns from his market trip.  You can carry him around in his bag, or you can unlink him and carry him around (he's a little wiggly, but he hasn't managed to escape!)  You can also click him to make him stay still for photos.

The Mounted Pigalope is not animated, after all, he's a head on your wall. You can touch for texture change options of 2 woods and 6 antlers, and if you have a HUD from the Ceryn antlers, you can also choose an option in the menu to make him listen to that, for more antler possibilities.

a pig for Pig

You can visit the piggies on Nouveau, a few of them have gotten loose on our side of the island!  And there's a mounted pigalope inside Pig (there's a giant pig statue out front, hard to miss)- Miss Hammerer had something to do with the pigalope (and, really, the pigs entirely, I decided we needed pigs for Pig).

The Dragon Picnic <3

(I'll leave you with a picture hya took of some of the stuff you can find at The Arcade!)

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