Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creepy Carny Skins

I hadn't originally planned to rerelease these. It was a great lucky thing at the time- just as I was beginning on the skins I had in mind for these ads, I heard about Another Fundraiser getting started, so I switched to using Eloh's templates so I could also release them for charity. I hadn't actually planned to sell them period, until I found out about Another Fundraiser.

However, I've been getting a number of IMs asking for them recently, which has made me reconsider putting them out again. They are up for a fair bit more than they were then- and this is going to be my policy when it comes to charity things (policy subject to change with no notice at my whim, of course), that, if I do release them after the charitable event, they will cost more (any sort of limited edition thing, of course, won't be released again). This is more incentive to you to participate in the charity!

These both retain Eloh's skintones, in Le and Re, and, as they are also mod, you can switch out body parts to mix and match (if you don't want the tattoos and nailpolish, for instance).

The stunning eyes, are, of course, by Miriel, whose new sim is opening soon!

Available in Juicy. OnRez will probably follow sometime tonight or so.

(I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of the RFL clothing. I have my eye on the green silent sparrow Claire de Lune, especially.)

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