Friday, April 4, 2008

Skelebeaters, and the Starlust Motel!

I've been doing some work on the Starlust Motel. It's a communal baby, all of us have been working on getting it birthed and ready to face the public without upchucking all over them too much. Well, you know, unless you're into that sort of thing, and then if you tickle it just right, here...

It's been a really great thing, I've wanted to make spaces in SL since, well, before there was an SL, really. I still miss the MOO that a couple of friends and I put together. So when the opportunity came up to help build a place with an interesting premise, with a neat group of people, I was really really happy. I've also got that whole mix of excitement and apprehension that happens when any big thing gets to be finished enough for people to see it (although, I have no doubt that it isn't really finished, and we'll be adding things here and there for forever).

The opening is tonight, open to the public at 11pm, Friday night (SL time, of course). To celebrate, for the weekend, there's a free purple version of the Skelebeaters out front of Room 13, sitting on the chair, just waiting for you to pick it up.

The rest of the Skelebeaters are inside, and come in a black and white version, and a veritable rainbow. In a pack you get 4 different beaters, two cut for the ladies and two for the gentlemen, on black backgrounds and white backgrounds for each. They're on all layers for her pleasure. There's also a pair of tintable foot tattoos, a heavy ink, and a more faded version, of skeletal foot bones overlaying your own, on the sock layer.

(Hair: Allegory in unnamed unreleased thingie, Al in booN's NMR32, Alex in Truth's Kensei II, O. in Winter Moon's Slingback)

(I may retire the purple after the weekend entirely, or I may put it out at the same price as the others, I've not decided yet. Either way, it won't be free after the weekend!)

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