Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Schadenfreude Treat Buckets

happy halloween!

Most of these have been out for a bit, but a couple of them have only been available a couple of days!

There are so many treat buckets this year.  This might be my way of dealing with too much stress (ugh) and getting sick too much this year (it's been ridiculous, at least 3 times in the last couple of months?  And the air quality with the fires is messing me up even when I'm not sick-sick, I'd be cool with that stopping now, but at least I haven't been in real danger from it, unlike some poor people!)  But match your bucket to your costume!

the treat buckets

ANYWAY.  I do treat buckets every year.  They are free, and meant to be carried around.  Anyone can touch it to get a weird toy or candy.  It's all very silly, and it's tradition, since the very first year of Schadenfreude.

Basic bucket.  Elephant, on the dresser, as usual.

For my group members, a green bucket- activate your tag, sit on the mini elephant in the head of the big elephant you walk into, it'll take you to the super sekrit hidden group room, wherein waits the bucket.

For the members of the (free!) I (heart) the Starlust group, there's a purple bucket in the trailer.

For hyasynth's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds members, a bloo bucket.  In her house, "hidden" (in plain sight, somewhere inside the house).

For *katat0nik*'s group, a pink bucket!  Go to her sim, hop out of the store onto the ground.  Again: plain sight.

And then a few that do not require any groups this year!  Most of these events end REALLY SOON, so hurry.  CADERU ends in the early morning SLT on Halloween even!

I have a Linden home, one of the trailers!  You can find a grey bucket when you come to trick or treat.

A black bucket with red eyes awaits you at my booth at Hallow Manor.

A purple with neon green lurks at my booth at Panic of Pumpkin.

A crowned bucket is at my booth at CADERU.

And a crowned pink bucket at my booth at Gothical!

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