Thursday, December 10, 2009

50L Fridays!

It's my week for 50L Fridays again, and this time you get a few things!

Firstly, a pair of vests, in red, and green, because it's that time of the year.

And, the cat mask I was wearing for a chunk of October. When sculpts first came out, my first thought was "oooo, skulls!" (and thus were born Jerry, Clarence, the unnamed little dudes made into ornaments, and a bunch of other silly little guys who will probably never be finished but were fun to prod at), and my second thought was "oooo, masks!" The second thought I didn't really follow up much- at first I just wasn't happy with what could be done under the limitations of sculpts, and there already is an awesome mask source, Illusions. Eventually I figured out another way to make them that got by my biggest problem (eye holes!), that had its own fun pitfalls. I finally got this one "done" as much as it is because the unicorn needed a Halloween costume...and then argued with myself about finishing it, and kinda sorta wanted to sneak out a sneaky preview as is since who knows when (or if, honestly!) I'll ever really get done what I'd like to do for it. And...this 50L Fridays came about and I said "well, why not!?" The mask is out in both copy/no trans and trans/no copy versions, so you can get one for yourself and mod to your heart's content without worry, or give a gift to a deserving friend.

And then, not for 50L Fridays but it finally got me to finish it and do the ads and junk: a striped vest to match the Stripey Patchmas pants. Just because!

All out in elephant, of course!

After the event is over, items will be available on the Marketplace.

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