Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Allegory's Attic- Mesh Frames

I'm releasing another full perm kit- most things I keep for my own use, but occasionally there are things that I think might be useful to others, that I'm not so attached to I can't bear to part with. This is another set of frames, this time mesh. Each frame is one object, including a shadow, the artwork (or whatever!) in the frame, and the back piece...yeah, I have no idea what to call these things. You know, the back of the painting or the like.

They come in 4 aspect ratios, square, 3:4, 2:3, and 1:2. They degrade gracefully in non mesh viewers to boxes, with the front on the front and the back in the back (the aspect ratio is a little off, and they will be larger boxes than they appear in a mesh viewer, because they will include the size of the shadow). The front, back, shadow, and frame itself are all different textures, so you don't have to do anything special with what you're putting in the frame. They come with the shadow already applied (being mesh, you will get the actual objects, not things to apply to objects like sculpts!), and a shade map you can export for making your own frame textures.

They are one land impact prim at the size included- in fact, link two of those together and they will become only one prim in land impact (Land Impact is kind of an awkward way to refer to it, don't you think?). You can stretch them quite large before a single frame becomes more than one land impact prim, larger than a standard SL avatar (not that giant baby though. I think they'll be two land impact prims at giant baby size, at least! But, giant baby was bigger than most houses, so...)

Like the other builder kits, the frames are only available on the Marketplace. You can see them in person at the elephant though- I've started putting some of my vendors in them (so far, the DeVeres are in them, the chandelier, and random things in the basement and Baba Yaga's house). I'm nesting again.

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