Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rustic Chandelier Quartet

The full version of the chandelier previewed for the last Fifty Linden Friday is out. It has 9 colours of candles possible, and comes with a selection of lighting choices, in always on and touch to turn on and off versions (as well as always extinguished, and without candles entirely). The versions with particles are a little primmier by nature, but the particles only add a little to the flames, and are not required for them. There are also versions with projector lights- which will only show off their advantages if you have shadows turned on in your preferences, with projectors enabled- that allow the candles to cast shadows.

The chain and ceiling hook are a separate object, so the chandelier can be suspended by a different method. It also has separate texture faces, so by making sections transparent, you can shorten it, or add another piece to make it longer.

Available, of course, at the elephant.

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