Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Spring!

Sugar  - 01

Spring has sprung at the Starlust. I'm a little late cluing you've in, but you've probably already heard: there's an Easter Egg hunt going on until the 9th here. The eggs are....not terribly hard to find.

Sugar  - 02

hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ has once again joined me in our prizes: the dress I'm wearing is in my egg, and the socks we are both wearing are in hers (along with a few others!)

Sugar - 03
(lyrics from Nature Boy by Nick Cave)

Sugar - Allegory Malaprop

We're in an assortment of other things by us both (some of which you can't have yet, sorry!), as well as the fantastic shoes from SMERSH that we've both been spending a lot of time in (yay for fatpacks!), her horns are by Illusions, tail is by Gritty Kitty, eyes are MalContent, cuff is Violet Voltaire, and these fantastic birds we are posing with are new from Ana_Mations and are the. cutest. thing. ever. The poses are all built into the birds, so we didn't have to futz around with posestands.

(and that adorable bunny mask is from Split Pea!)

Start at the Starlust Motel! There are eggs on most of the Starlust sims, and it ends tomorrow night!

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