Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Black Bacchanal

I promised Friday you would see more: here's more! And after the Black Bacchanal, there will be yet more!

The Carnival has rolled into town, to silent sparrow, in The Rookery floating high above the sim. Once you teleport to the sim, you will see large mushrooms in the courtyard. Those will take you flying high to The Rookery, if you but sit upon them.

At the Bacchanal, you will find a host of goodies from a selection of designers. From me, you will find a few things:

A skin! Yes, again with the occasional skin releasing. I'm close to getting to a proper skin release, promise.

(Gutter Glitter pasties from ~silentsparrow~, poses by Luth and Lazy Places, eyes/ears/hair/undies from Schadenfreude)

A dress and assorted bits!

(cuffs and socks from ~silentsparrow~, soon to be released but only out in purple for the Bacchanal yet, arm tats from ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera set; poses by Lazy Places, Luth, and LAP; hair/skin/eyes by Schadenfreude)

The rest of the Cirque colours will be released after the Bacchanal is over, of course!

And, a gacha! I love gachas, it's gambling because you want the one you want....but it's also gambling that guarantees you a prize anyway! Transfer so you can give away your duplicates, and cajole friends into trying their luck and bribing them with ones they don't have for ones you don't have.

(SMERSH shoes of holycrapawesome, ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tats that are obviously ones I love hard, pose by Lazy Places which rocks for the posings and more is coming soon)

The Black Bacchanal is March 31-April 2, after which the participants will be returning to their respective homes.

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