Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm behind on blogging. I have a new computer. A new droolworthy desktop (I've been using the same laptop for the past 3 or 4 years, maybe longer, I forget- you can imagine anything is a HUGE step up!) that I've been playing with and setting up and oooing and ahing over Windlight (which I could only _kinda_ get to work on the laptop, and even then rarely), and as a consequence I've been getting nothing done! (Especially as it takes hours to do simple tasks of set up...computers hate me and try to drive me insane by finding all possible ways to not do easy things. It took an hour to hook up plug and play speakers. CRAZY.)

ANYWAY. WILD.Released has been released! What is that, you ask? (And even if you didn't, let's pretend.) It's an event running March 20 to April 19 with a bunch of participants! Go to any one of the participating stores (there are a few of them to choose from. They are all super awesome), and buy an item that includes a WILD.Released Stamp Card. There are little signs all over marking things. Wear your Card, and visit each store, stamping it at the stamp kiosks. Turn in your stamped card for fabulous prizes!

The prize from Schadenfreude is a set of skins, and ears. The skins are part of the skin revamp that's kinda sorta on its way and not officially done yet- each of the girl makeups includes a version with freckles and without, each of those include hello boobies cleavage and regular, and each of those come anatomical down there or smooth like a Barbie doll (I'm a prude, and this way I can wear really scandalously cut things without worry!). Each of the boy makeups includes a version with freckles and without, and those with a mangarden down there or shaved, because I hear it makes tinting the pixelpeens easier. If you wanna see what I mean, check out Achariya's blog.

The ears are the Mer-Elf cousins to the Stumblebum Fey Ears with Ankhs&Plugs, named so unimaginatively. They have the same options- lifetime tone updates, 12 metals for ankhs and rings/studs, all with a handy HUD, mod for extra tinting. The plugs work with plug addons like the Electro-Cutes. The gauged version of the Mer-Elf ears will of course be making more appearances later.

There is _also_ an update to all ears: that lavendery tone up there, Alopex, is going to be a "standard" tone when the skins are released, so it's been added to the ears. (Yes, I'm a weirdo, but someone very special likes it, so it will be coming in a lot...especially a lot of bloo! It's not a horrible base to start tinting from for Launa Fauna's Snow Fae skins, either.) They are NOT in the vendors yet, you need to wear your earmuffs even if you're just getting them now (the only exception being those Mer-Elf ears). They will be, I just have been running around doing other things instead!

WILD.Released cards are only at the mainstores! (Because carding and decarding is bad enough as it is...) So, find participating merch and my stamp kiosk at the elephant!

Also!! Melt ends today. I don't know when. Get your ass over there if you want stuff, a lot of it is exclusive, though not all (but I don't know what isn't!) Also, it's beautiful, so you should see it before it goes anyway. Especially if you have pretty water. And then you should submit your pictures to the Mirror Installations pool. So I'm not so spamsome as I went crazy taking pictures with the new computer with the pretties, oh, the pretties...

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