Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little Horrid Hill

black lodge

A new sim opened today, inspired by Twin Peaks, and David Lynch's works in general.

I've a few things only available there for now:

One is a skin preview, I've been working on refining my skin bases for a while, and I'm getting there, finally. Only available in the one tone currently!

(poses by PDA- act quick, PDA goes away Sunday, hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth)

Corset sets inspired by the lovely ladies of One Eyed Jack's:

(hair by Pudge, poses by Luth)

And a mask (there is also a special version of this mask at the melt installation, but that should be plastered all over the feeds right now so I'll tell you about it later!)

(hair by Philotic Energy- may be retired entirely!, pose by PDA)

black lodge 2

Why don't you join us?

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