Friday, March 5, 2010

50L Friday!

Another 50L Friday is upon us. That means oh hey stuff!

(Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair, Schadenfreude Moroi trousers and Fey ears, almost but not quite officially released skin on her; old hair from a Japanese place that it's available anymore, Belleza skin, Schadenfreude Swineflake eyes, Sepia Oxford shirt, and Moroi trousers on him)

As St. Patrick's Day is sneaking up on us but not here yet...and, well, me and green, one of this week's things is green! Plus I was sort of lamenting not having included a brighter green in the Amortentia's because the slime was a bit dark to match what I was wearing, but having a _third_ green in the regular set was perhaps a touch silly.

(~silentsparrow~ maida shorties, Schadenfreude Lucent Heels)

At the elephant as always- where you can also grab a list of all this week's participants (including the very last 50L Friday from PDA, as they are closing /sadface)

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.

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