Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brand new bucket!

Well, not all that much really. But, if you got a bucket before today, swing by and get a new one. Now filled with more stuff! I had wanted to included a rainbow of witch brooms, but vehicle code was making my head hurt. When I finally got it working today, I put a bunch in the bucket (and there are those and more in the pink cauldron outside the store- it's the only place to get the 4 pink ones!), and knocked out the one other (very silly) thing I'd decided to put off till next year, but as long as I was doing the rest, I decided to finish it up too.

The amazingly awesome pumpkinhead hair is a limited edition from Crimson & Clover, by Rikka Koi. I adore it enough to actually have hair on the sides of my head! Also, her shop is insanely adorable.

If you want to see some real comedy, watch me try to fly on the broom. I've never gotten the hang of SL vehicles!

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