Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Shop!

I've set up a new shop in La Reina- currently both my shop and the sim itself are in the process of being built, but I've got a start of it with things from the Jewelry Exposition.

I'm really excited! And I've started putting pumpkins and jack o'lanterns all over for Halloween.

Since I have a permanent location, I've also started listing on OnRez. Eventually everything in the store plus should be on there, although I've only started boxing things up for it. Aside from it being easier for my to list 5 million variants without having to make the shop space for it, you get things in cute little gift wrapped boxes if you order through OnRez (if you buy at the store you get a folder with the items so you don't have to unpack, so that way is quite a bit more convenient- excepting rings, which will still need to be taken out of the ring box, as they are bundled with instructions as well).

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