Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New metals, booth

I've opened up a tiny booth in Ohana Isle. It's very small, at only 10 prims, so obviously, not much is on display. I went to Ohana Isle in the first because I heard about the treasure hunt last month (they do them once a month, and they last a week, freebies hidden all over), and I fell in love with the place. It's got a lot of very strong Disney theming (Haunted Mansion wallpaper, Club 33, great big Mickey sorcerer hat buildings, a shop that specializes in the mouse ears you can get in the Park), and, even more awesome, they do a lot of Halloween theming, I caught them just starting to set up, and it just keeps getting better. So even though they've got a waiting list on anything of any sort of decent size, I wanted a place there!

I'm changing the metals available on the metal changing items- old gold, gunmetal, and iron have been added (old gold is the gold I used to use which is a little antiqued, the new gold is a bit brighter, gunmetal is a darker silver, iron is an alternate black that isn't quite so shiny. Pewter has also changed to be a little less shiny). If you have any pieces purchased before, contact Allegory Malaprop, and I'll set you up with the new metals. I'm waffling on whether I should try to contact everyone and offer them the upgrade...I might still do it at some point, but I don't want to annoy people. Especially since it's stuff most of them probably don't really care about.

Everything in here is still available directly from me, even though there's now even less out there in world. I've got the face the whole OnRez listing prospect at some point, so things don't have to be bought directly from me, but I keep getting distracted by making new shiny things (especially Halloweenish shiny things. I'm currently deep in obsession with a freebie that I have to finish so it can actually be given out before Halloween). I've got such a ferret attention span when it comes to the annoying little details of running a shop (because, see, I don't actually care about that aspect of it, I'm in it for the fun of making random thingies)...honestly, if it weren't for that whole pesky having to pay for space thing, I'd probably just end up giving most things away. I'm totally going to forget to pay my rent, I'm sure. At least 10 prims means less clutter pulling out and sorting my Lost and Found.

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