Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nancy Mini dresses & Pasties!

A slinky vinyl minidress with sculpted skirt, Nancy is named after Aunt (or Sister) Nancy- one of the names Anansi, the spider trickster god, is called. The middle colour panel was inspired by the black widow spider, you see, and it sports a small silver spider zipper pull in the back.

(Clawtooth by Clawtooth One Fine Day hair, Schadenfreude Spiderflake eyes, and a mix of released and soon-to-be-released Schadenfreude skins and lipstick)

Also, ok, I'm weird, crazy, and you may be wondering what is up with me, but I don't know either, so that's ok. 33 weird spooky pasties. In a gacha, tradeable with friends (or you can just get a full pack of them all for yourself, if you are also weird and crazy in this way).

(Clawtooth by Clawtooth Breathe Me hair, Schadenfreude Spiderflake eyes, soon-to-be-released Schadenfreude skins and lipstick, and, ahem, a distinct lack of anything else)

Out in the elephant, of course. The skins have been moved to the alligator room because, well, I'm also insane with the curved walls of really awkward placement.

Look! Owly's hooters!
The ever lovely Achariya in Nancy

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