Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Spiderwebs!

I'm in the first wave of the Albero Gacha Festival, which is full of all sorts of awesome goodies. I've got spiderwebbed posture collars there:

(skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Clawtooth, bra is one of the Pig gacha items at the festival, pose by Luth)

There are matching pieces at the elephant:

(hair by Scribble, top skin by Fashionably Dead, poses by Imperial Elegance except for the blue Nephila pose which is MYSTERY POSE as I randomly somehow got stuck in it and have zero idea what it was)

Merry widows (yes, feel free to groan), and garter belts with spiders to grip onto your thigh high stockings so they won't fall down.

Also! Have you gotten your treat bucket? He's waiting for you.

treat bucket

Amyla in Nephila
Achariya in Nephilengys and spiderweb tights

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