Thursday, October 28, 2010

Strigen belts, Strigoi Top Hat

Strigen is a HUD control texture change leather belt, with a silver batwinged buckle, and coffin and spike studs around it. You might recognize the basic shape from the belt that holds up the Striges skirts- but now it comes in high and low waist versions, sized for men and women, without the skirts as well.

(BATS shirt from Pig at the Albero gatcha festival though I'm special and have a mod version I tinted; awesome Fashionably Dead vampire skin I've only taken off for ads since I got it; ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos which are pretty much always on my skin now- yeah, I just didn't change out of what I've been wearing at all for that one; Gritty Kitty hair and Nomine skin on him, not that you can see much! Poses are Imperial Elegance and/or Luth, probably. I forget.)

And I'm totally running out of words with that root for batty things.

The Strigoi Top Hat is similar to the one from Strigoi Viu, but on my new sculpted hat base so it's crumpled a little, with black and brown leather textures for the hat base, and texture change options for the rest of the elements to match the rest of the colours of the rest of the bat elements. There's also a sneaky version of the hat in there with just the band and bat, no trailing bit hanging down the back.

(her hair is Clawtooth; his hair is Lazy Places; his skin is, erm. Den Dou, I think. I have a weird collection of creepy skins, don't ask. And fucked if I recall which pose stand I was on that night, these are both from a few days ago and I forgot the fanfare, sorry!)

In the elephant, of course! Near some of the rest of the batty things. I need to make them a special room or something eventually.

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