Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scream Queen

This MAY be the end of my Halloween released. Maybe. There's more I could do, it's just whether I'm going to keep trying to get it out and done in time.

(hair is One Fine Day by Clawtooth by Clawtooth....and the reason this had to happen. Shoes are by Sixty Nine, but it looks like they only do hair now, which makes me emosad because I loved the skully accessories)

Bits can be mixed with Striga as well, if you are so inclined, the seams et al. match up so you can mix tops/skirts.

Did you know that ELVIRA IS BACK? It's true. There are new episodes. You can find out some of the stations that carry it on the official site. It doesn't list all the ThisTV stations though- that's what I'm watching it on. Unfortunately last week they got the times wrong so I missed the first half hour of The Giant Gila Monster, dammit. I can't tell you how much I've missed Elvira, I'm all about the cheesy horrible horror movies (bet you couldn't guess). I have such fond memories of Elvira hosting Attack of the Killer Tomatoes....

Anyway! Scream Queen! At the elephant!

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