Thursday, October 31, 2013

Skully FLF with vouboos and vests

Another Fifty Linden Friday, another Vestday.  And this time another trio of seasonally appropriate vouboos.  Skulls AND sugar, is there really any better holiday?  They are rezzed out on the coffee table so you can see them in person.

 (table by Trompe Loeil, marigolds by MiaSnow, candles by flowey, plate by ~silentsparrow~, bat picture by Schadenfreude)

And some skully vests for the season too (sorry snakes and eagle/ravens, your stripes are next month!)  The Crypt one matches the Crypt Fanceh Pants, of course- the other matches the colourful corset in the Electro-cute skull pack.

(her facepaint by katat0nik, her tats by ~silentsparrow~, her hair by Clawtooth, her choker by Balderdash, her bone necklace by lassitude&ennui, her ears/barrettes/birdskull necklace/bracelets/dress/eyes by Schadenfreude, pose by ~N~ [closed]

his skin and eyes by Plastik, his hair/facepaint/shirt/pants by Schadenfreude, pose by Lazy Places [also closed, I suck])

In the elephant, of course!

I'm way early this time!  That's because Thursday night, the night I would be putting things out normally, is HALLOWEEN.  And I may be out on the town at some party or haunted house instead, all Bride of Frankesteined up (tonight I have to stop procrastinating and finish bleaching my streaks and make sure I _can_ actually get my hair up in that beehive).

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