Monday, October 21, 2013

Lost in the Woods dresses and Crypt Fanceh Pants

Some spooky little things for October, Into the Woods dresses that have gotten a bit lost in there and found by spiders, and some skully fanceh pants.

widow lost in the woods ghost lost in the woods

The Lost in the Woods dresses are the same dress base that I made for the Into the Woods dresses (which still aren't back yet, sorry!), but instead of the foresty lace, feature silvery spiderwebs (in a materials viewer they are extra shimmery, the white, especially, is less so in a no materials viewer- both are rezzed out in the elephant on dress forms though so you can see what they really look like for you). Rigged mesh, Standard Sizes for the ladies (sorry boys!  Part of the holdup on the Into the Woods dresses is the boyifying).

Also a pair of Fanceh Pants with a dark grey and black skull print- Standard Sizes for men and women.  The rest of the Fanceh Pants will be around...eventually, this is all you can find for the moment.

crypt fanceh pants

To be found at the elephant!

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