Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flitter Dreamlanders

(books and skull by MiaSnow, tattoo by ~silentsparrow~, pose by Lazy Places [closed])

It should probably not be the biggest surprise that I draw bats sometimes?  This little dude (well, actually, he's a got a kinda decent wingspan on paper) was one that I drew a bit ago and then had scanner issues (as in...the scanner didn't want to admit my computer I started a pile), and I FINALLY got the scanner working (not the easy way, of course, but a way, and that's all that counts, right?).  The Leopard Dreamlanders were constructed with him in mind, even though he was still only on paper at that point- one of the great things about mesh, I could plot out the construction and texture mapping for things like this, which would have been...not so easy or successful with how one is dictated to by sculpts.  There's a matching little bat in back, he was an exercise in forcing myself to draw with the tablet (which is still clunky and slow, but actually becoming semi feasible, so that's a start?)- also, you know.  Sort of fed up with the scanner at that point.

8 colour choices, along the colour scheme of the rest of the bat-themed pieces.

Awaiting you in the clutter-filled elephant, of course.  I've really got to take the time out to reorganize the basement pretty seriously sometime soon >.<  (They aren't at the Beach Party, because that's even MORE of a disaster right now, because I keep trying to cram in more stuff!)

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