Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PonPon Eyes, jewelry and bowties

The Beach Party continues! I've snuck a couple of other things out for it.

Bows with eyeballs- bowties, with and without collars, and a jewelry set.  The eyes themselves have 5 eye colour options (grey skeletons, purple bats, red spiders, teal kraken and ships, blue crows), the bows have 32, and then a slew of metals for the metal accents bits.

(skin by Tableau Vivant, hair by Dura, eyes&clothing by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance)

(skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Alice Project, tanktop by Pig, eyes/makeup/bikini top by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance)

They are primarily mesh!  There are a few non meshy bits on some parts, but the bows and eyeballs themselves are.  So mesh viewer required.

At the Beach Party!

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