Monday, October 8, 2012

Collabor88: Pink Flamingos

and blue flamingos too
(hair by DECO for C88, jewelry by Yummy for C88, tattoos and cuffs by ~silentsparrow~, skin by Fashionably Dead, pose by Luth)

The theme this session of Collabor88 is the John Waters film, Pink Flamingos.  And so, I indulged in my strange coloured leopard print obsession.  Dresses and matching shoes, in 5 colour choices.  The shoes are unrigged, and can be resized to your heart's (and feet's) content.

soon, shoes

As usual, a men's deformer version is included along with the women's, and the Standard women's sizes (and a bonus fit more to Alle this go round, if you fit an xs but are less endowed, it might work for you too)

pink flamingos
(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Tres Blah, pose by Luth)

(the lovely hyasynth Tiramis, with ~silentsparrow~ uni-ee and cuffs, Frick Kani mod, Violet Voltaire necklace, Fashionably Dead hair, Schadenfreude anklet)

The month of October at Collabor88!

The Dreamlanders and Cry Babies have moved home to the elephant.

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